Tortoise Shell Trends

The hype about tortoise shell is just going insane. The liking of this pattern and mixture of hues have become wild and can now be seen even in hair colors. Yes, people are opting for Tortoise shell hair color which perfectly mixes and matches different hues together to give a deep and beautiful color and texture to the hair.

round tortoiseshell glasses

However, the area where this trend is greatly hiking is the eye-wear industry. From prescription eyeglasses to sunglasses, everyone wants to grab a stylish Tortoise Shell frame. The frames are designed in various shapes, sizes and colors too. Breaking out of the ordinary, tortoise shell glasses are now available in various color themes too that help you add more funk to your boring wardrobe. The recent twist to tortoise shell glasses is seen in polarized frames that can be worn while skiing.

tortoise shell reading glasses

This trend is now making Tortoise Shell glasses a must-have in the wardrobe. From famous celebrities to ordinary college student, everyone wants a pair of these cool glasses. Thick frames highlighting the pattern to thin almost rimless frames are gaining the best positions in the eye-wear list. Oversized frames with the triple layer are the trendiest of all, this frame incorporates the tortoise shell pattern in an oversized frame. Be it Caramels, Blues, Browns or Greens, the tortoise shell pattern is all about portraying the hues together in a funky and classy style that helps you add some oomph to your routine wardrobe and make it runway ready.