The Tortoise Shell Glasses History

Tortoise shell history dates back to a very long time ago when real hawksbill sea turtle shells were used to create a perfect pair of glasses. The look and feel of the pattern were essential for the early Romans to stand out from the rest and that is why the real shells were used to create a product that was unique and eye-catching.

tortoise shell reading glasses

The hues on the shell were liked a lot because of the fact that the tones reflected on people’s skin really well. Making its first appearance in the early 19th century, Tortoise shell glasses became popular when they were worn by a famous comedian Harold Lloyd. The hype of the tortoise shell came in mainly because of the fact that they were quite different in comparison to the routine metallic frames. The hype of these tortoise shell glasses, however, fell after the First World War when rubber coated steel frames and plastic coated steel frames were introduced by the Americans.

mens tortoise shell glasses

The use of real shells was condemned in the later era and the concept of tortoise shell came. Tortoise shell is basically a depiction of real tortoise shells that highlight the mixtures of hues together to form a pattern. With the advent of technology, the patterns are now easily replicated onto plastic providing us with the same vintage look but without any form of cruelty. The eye-catching patterns became a hit even during the early times and are liked in the present too.