Lenses Coatings

Lens Coating


All standard lenses sold at amycoz are made of lightweight CR39-resin with a standard lens index of 1.499. They come with a scratch resistant coating. Let us find out what lens options you have at amycoz.

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Polycarbonate lenses


These are the lightest material available. Owing to its high impact-resistance and durability, it is also used in making bullet-proof “glass”.


Single vision lenses


In these lenses there is only one fixed focus point over the lens area. They are prescribed to correct near, intermediate or distance vision. Glasses prescribed for driving, reading, are generally single vision. The free lens we provide with our glasses is single vision.


Bifocal lenses


A bifocal lens has two sections divided by a horizontal line. The upper section is used for distance vision and the lower section is used for near vision. This lens help people having both myopic and hyperopic correct their vision using a single pair of glasses.


Progressive lenses


These lenses are also known by the name of varifocals and serve the same purpose as a bifocal lens. But, it doesn’t have an obvious horizontal line segmenting the lens and hence provides for a smooth transition between near and distance seeing.


Scratch-resistant coating


This coating makes the lens more scratch resistant. All our glasses come with an anti-scratch coating.


Tinted coating


Tinted lenses provides constant shade at all times and do not gradually change shade in response to light conditions the way photochromic lenses do. We have tinted glasses in brown, grey and green, in 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% strengths. Lighter tints are meant to enhance the wearer’s looks for cosmetic purposes whereas darker tints allow the wearer to use the lenses as prescription sunglasses.


Anti-reflective coating


This coating increases light transmission, reduces reflections and improves the wearer’s image clarity along with overall cosmetic appearance by making the eye more visible through the lens.


Ultraviolet protection coating


This coating can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sun’s harmful UV rays.