How to pick your new tortoise shell glasses

You must have heard enough about the trending Tortoise Shell glasses and how people are going crazy about having it. You must have searched various websites to get hold of the latest trends in this style too. With so many sizes, shapes and colors, choosing the right frame can be very troublesome. Everybody wants to make sure that they invest correctly while they achieve a very classy look too.

mens tortoise shell glasses

While selecting your Tortoise Shell glasses, there are a few variables that need ti be kept in mind. Starting off by knowing your face shape, look yourself in the mirror and gauge the shape of your face, is it round oval, squarish or heart shaped? Then look at the mass of your face whether you have a slim face or chubby one. Once you have the knowledge of your face’s shape then highlight the purpose of your purchase. Is it a prescription glasses that you need in sunglasses?

tortoise shell reading glasses

Once you have decided on your face shape and the category you now need to be sure of why you need the glasses, for casual wear or for a party. Then comes your skin tone, obviously you need to take into consideration both your skin tone and the tones of your frames whether they complement each other or not. Even though tortoise shell glasses are just amazing, just make sure you try out various shapes and colors to find one that will walk you through various seasons and occasions.