How To Order

Shopping eyeglasses on amycoz is super easy. We strive to make your shopping experience at amycoz a memorable one. When ordering your glasses, if you have any queries, feel free to contact our sales specialists who are available via online chat. If you are looking for prescription glasses, we would recommend you to have an eye prescription from a reputed optician that is as recent as possible. With age the power of our eyes may increase, so it is essential that you have a recent prescription.

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          In case you have got an eye test done and have not received a copy of your prescription, ask your optician for it. They are legally bound to provide one immediately after your eye test and on request at no extra charge.

Our site has a diverse collection of designer and own-brand glasses to choose from. Browse the site and select the category you would like to see. There are different sections for men, women and kids. We also have the options for choosing sun glasses, reading glasses, prescription glasses, etc. You can also choose by frame style, frame material, etc.

Let’s take an example, if you need prescription sunglasses then select the category ‘Color Tint’ or ‘Photo chromatic’. When choosing Color Tint, they may choose polarized as well if they want polarized prescription sunglasses. The process is simple, enter your prescription details, select your lens options and choose from the sunglasses options you get. When you are happy with a particular model select ‘buy now’ and make the purchase. You can make the payment via Western Union or PayPal.

We try and make sure that your glasses are dispatched as soon as they are ready. Generally the time can be between a week or two.