How to get your prescription

How to get your glasses prescription

If you have undergone an eye test, don’t forget to ask your optician to give you a copy of the prescription. You will need it when ordering prescription glasses.

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How recent does my prescription have to be?

Your prescription should be as recent as possible, and not older than 2 years. Depending on your age and health, the power of the eyes may change, that is why it is important that you have a correct prescription.

How to read the prescription?

It is important that you understand the prescription before you order the glasses. We have included three sample of prescription glasses to make your understand. In sample 2, the doctor has left out the decimal point. In sample 3, both the near and distance vision are printed in the table without the ADD power. In all prescriptions, the top row contains prescription for Right Eye (O.D) and the bottom row contains prescription for Left Eye (O.S). SPH, CYL, AXIS, PRISM, ADD values are parameters used for generating corrective lenses for your eyes.

While ordering the eye wear online you will have to enter your prescription in the online order form exactly as you see it in the prescription table.

What is my pupillary distance (or PD)?

PD is the distance between your eyes, measured between the centers of your pupils. For a pair of glasses to perform, the lenses should have the same PD as your eyes. This will ensure that the centre of each lens aligns with the centre of your pupils.

How do I find out what my pupillary distance is?

Usually the optician will not include this with your prescription, so you should ask your optician for your PD when going for your eye test.

Why is it important that I have my PD?

Sometimes, it happens in people with strong prescriptions that their pupillary distance diverges significantly from the average. This may cause problems if they wear glasses made using an average PD measurement. It may cause discomfort or strain which would be noticeable upon wearing the glasses. If you decide to order a pair of average PD measurement glasses and find you don’t feel comfortable in them, let us know, and we’ll arrange either for your pupillary distance to be measured and then replace your glasses, or give you a full refund.