How do I return an item

We strive to make the shopping experience at amycoz very pleasant but, we do understand that occasionally there can be issues. In such situations, we try our level best to resolve them quickly and efficiently. In case you are not happy with the product you have received from us, send a mail to and we will provide you with a returns form.

tortoise shell reading glasses

Following are the answers to most commonly asked question for returns.

How long do I have to return the glasses?

We provide our customers 14 days to return their glasses if they are not satisfied with the product they received. This day is calculated from the day, the prescription glasses were dispatched to you. Check out the returns policy for more details.

What information do I need to return my glasses?

When returning your glasses, you will have to provide out sales team with your order number. This number can be found in your amycoz account or on your order confirmation email.

Our team will provide you with a returns authorization number which needs to be quoted in the returns form along with the product

What if a screw has fallen out of my frame?

If you have the screw then you may visit an optician and request him to fix it for a small fee. In case it is missing, you may send it to us. We will fix it and return it back to you in a few days.

What if my glasses need adjusting after I receive them?

If your glasses frame need adjustments, you can take them into an optician, who may for a small fee do it for you. Alternately contact amycoz at and inform about the adjustments we need to make for you.