Can tortoise shell be worn by men and women

Wearing prescription glasses can be boring and an off thing for someone who wants to get a trendy look. People often switch to contact lenses so as to avoid any embarrassment when going out, however, prolonged use of contact lenses can be very damaging to the eye. It is for these reasons that various fashionable and trendy glasses have come out to improve an individual’s style statement.

tortoise shell reading glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses are highly demanded these days. They have taken eye-wear industry to a whole new level. People without weak eyesight are even wearing these trendy glasses. Tortoise shell glasses have now become more of a fashion accessory for people out there. There are various frames with these hues available for both men and women, each frame is unique in its own way and is designed in a way that suits various face shapes. The deep hues of various colors mixed together in a pattern like that of the tortoise shell are suitable for both genders and helps alleviate their skin tones best.

round tortoiseshell glasses

Now available as sunglasses too, tortoise shells are gaining popularity in the male genre too. There is a huge variety of masculine tortoise shell glasses available in the market that is specifically catered to enhancing their manly look. Tortoise shell glasses are a universal pair that goes with anything and can be worn by anyone, just choose a Tortoise frame that suits your face and you are all set to join the Tortoise Shell Glasses group.