Before Order

Before ordering a pair of eyeglasses, make sure that the one you are ordering is the right one for you. For ordering prescription glasses, you will need a prescription from your optician following an eye test. Be sure as to why you need an eyeglass. It can be for reading, for correcting distant vision or near vision, etc.

tortoise shell reading glasses

Glasses are very much a part of a person’s personality and style statement. So, when considering a frame, do follow these pointers.

If your face shape is-

Oblong – Go for wider frame styles with a strong top line. Avoid small square frames.

Round – Avoid from small round frames and try angular frames

Square – Check out larger round and oval frames and stay away from narrow angular frames.

Oval – most frame style would suit you, so try and be adventurous.

Depending on your hair colour, you can go for different colored frames:

Red hair – Green and tortoise shell frames will suit you

Dark hair – Try bold colour such as red, dark pink, etc.

Blonde hair – Black, brown or gold colored frames are for you.

Grey hair – Frames in silver, blue or purple.  Try bright colors.

Knowing Your Frame Size

It is important to know your frame size to be able to order the correct one. This information is generally printed on the inside of most frames. A 54-20-123-35 signifies width of the lens: 53mm, bridge measurement: 20mm, temple measurement: 123mm and vertical measurement is 35mm.

If you are already using an cheap eyeglasses, you can note the frame measurement from there. In case they have faded, a visit to a local optical store would do. Try some frames there are find out which suits you the best. Make a note of the frame size and keep it for future reference.

Another important measure is the Frame Width. It is measured from the 2 widest points on the frame.

When you consider all these factors when buying a frame, it can’t go wrong.